2022 Minutes

April 2022


Village Board

Board Minutes

Village of Cody

-The Cody Board of Trustees meets the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 in the Community Hall. Meeting announcements and board minutes are displayed at the Post Office with the minutes also in the Midland News.
Village Chairperson: Brent Collier
Village Trustees:  Michael Knapp, Bentley Jenkins, Pat Miller, Dale Kalenda

Village  Clerk: Krista Ostransky  (402) 389-0899  cody.villageclerk@gmail.com. 

Call Krista for RV reservations, if available.

Village Maintenance: Justin Almoney   1 (717)698-6816.  

The Village of Cody provides sewer, water, and trash removal services. 

Please have trash to the curb by 8:00 am on alternate Tuesdays unless a notice is posted in the Post Office or a phone message from the Village. There are several dumpsters available to citizens that may be used.

Dump:  Tree branches and limbs only. CURRENTLY THE DUMP IS OPEN by appointment only, call Maintenance.

Trash is picked up every two weeks on Tuesday mornings. Trash must be to the curb or dumpster by 8am. 

Groups that are interested in renting the Community Hall should contact Krista Ostransky at 402-389-0899 for information on availability.-